Acupuncture and Herbs for Bladder Infections


Chief Complaint: Recurring urinary tract infections

Western Diagnosis: chronic UTI’s

Medical History: 21 year old female experiencing UTI’s every 3 months. UTI’s seemed to be brought on by the implantation of an IUD. No other medical history.

Questioning exam: Painful and frequent urination, cloudy and bloody urine when experiencing UTI with difficulty emptying bladder. Always fatigued and feeling cold.

Pulse exam: thin, wiry, and rapid pulse overall.

Tongue exam: red prickles covering entire tongue. thick yellow coat in middle and lower jiao. pale body.

OM Diagnosis: damp heat in lower jiao with underlying liver qi stagnation and blood deficiency.

Treatment Principle: soothe liver qi, resolve damp heat and tonify blood

Point Prescription: LV 3

Ren 3

GB 41

SP 6

LV 2

LV 8

LI 4

Herbal Formula: Started on Long Dan Xie Gan Tang patent 8 pills 3x/day.

Then switched to raw formula which was a modified Jia Wei Xiao Yao San with Huang Bai, Chi Fu Ling, Chuan Xiong, Che Qian Zi

Lifestyle Prescription: Drink less beer, drink more water, eat more regular meals

Results: was able to prolong periods between UTI occurrence by about 1 month then 2 months and hasn’t reoccurred for about 9 months now.

Clinic Name: Mally Shaw, L.Ac

clinic address: Xiao Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

700 East 9th Ave, Ste 201B

Denver, CO 80203

clinic phone number: 303.810.7440

email address:

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