Chinese Medicine Treatment of Infertility


Chief Complaint: Infertility

Medical History: 28 y/o Female with a 2 year history of not being able to conceive. Very irregular menstrual cycle. Western lifestyle and diet. Poor exercise history.

Questioning exam: Pt. complained of irregular cycle since mid 20’s. before that, was relatively normal. Also complains of fatigue during the day, bad PMS symptoms – irritable, breast tenderness, bloating, light colored menstrual flow, inconsistent sleep patterns, normal hunger and thirst, no taste in the mouth, temperature was normal, no pain,

Pulse exam: Generally wiry and thin
weak spleen
wiry liver
deficient kidney

Tongue exam: generally pale with red tip and sides

OM Diagnosis: Dx: Liver Qi stagnation with blood deficiency. Liver Qi stagnation is one of the primary causes of irregular cycles. In this case, it is concomitant with liver blood deficiency. This is a “chicken or the egg” case because either condition can cause the other, so it is difficult to know which came first

Treatment Principle: Soothe the liver, build and nourish the blood

Point Prescription: LI-4/Liv-3
Sp-4 (regulate Chong mai)
Pc-6 (regulate Liv/SP)

Herbal Formula: Xiao Yao San in tablet form (soothe liver, build blood)

Lifestyle Prescription: started exercise program

Results: Cycles regulated over 4-5 months. Was able to become pregnant 2 months later with continued acupuncture support

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