The Chinese Herbal Treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome


Chief Complaint: restless legs

Medical History: this is a 54 y/o female with a 30 year history of smoking and moderate alcohol intake. She is a psychotherapist with an extremely stressful practice. Her restless legs manifest as primarily cramping and interfere with her sleep.

Questioning exam: she complains of fatigue, tinnitus, occasional dizziness and constipation.

Pulse exam: pulse is thin, weak and deep.

Tongue exam: tongue is pale, thin, with a thin white coat, quivery

OM Diagnosis: qi and blood deficiency, primarily blood

Treatment Principle: nourish qi and blood

Point Prescription: patient requests herbs only

Herbal Formula: Shao yao gan cao tang (powder) modified

Lifestyle Prescription: encouraged smoking cessation, decrease alcohol intake and stress management

Results: the symptoms decreased and then ceased altogether after one week on the herbs. After three months of faithful compliance the symptoms have not returned.

Synopsis: this simple formula alleviated symptoms by nourishing blood and relaxing the muscles

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