The Acupuncture Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy and Headaches


Chief Complaint: One-sided Headaches and Peripheral Neuropathy

Western Diagnosis: Degenerative Disk Disease and Type II Diabetes

Medical History: 66 year old male w/ chief complaint of severe headaches that only come on after sitting for long periods of time (ie driving, then getting out of car). They are one-sided, always on the right, and are so severe his eyes will water and he gets dizzy. Patient has slightly high cholesterol and blood pressure. Also has high blood sugar, on average about 240. Is not over weight but has poor diet and no exercise. Does not smoke but likes to drink alcohol every night.

Questioning exam: He had no other complaints such as joint pain or LBP or knee pain. His HA’s would come on fast and be severe. He sometimes gets angry easily and always feels warm. His tongue was curled up on the sides and also red. His pulse was fast and full. He also had very poor circulation (diabetes).

Pulse exam: Fast and Full, with a slight weakness in the left kidney position

Tongue exam: Red with the sides curled up.

OM Diagnosis: Local qi and blood buy nolvadex online in canada stagnation with liver-GB heat

Treatment Principle: Clear heat, soothe liver

Point Prescription: GB 12, GB 20, GB 8, LI 4, LI 11, SJ 5, GB 41, KI 1, Bafeng (circulation), GB 34. Sometimes I did LR 3 through to KI 1. Si Chen Song and Du 20.

Herbal Formula: A modification of Long Dan Xie Gan Tang from Seven Forest called Gentiana 12

Lifestyle Prescription: Patient changed the way he ate and started to drink less alcohol. He lost 15 lbs.

Bleeding technique on apex of the ear.

Results: After 10 treatments, he had virtually no intense HA’s, with some minor/small HA’s once in awhile. His circulation improved (including changes in his sexual function), and decreased the amount of times he urinated during the night. Patient noted that “he feels great”.

Synopsis: I saw this patient twice a week which I think really made a difference in his healing. He was very compliant and willing to change his poor habits and attitude about health. As a result, I decided to look on the Internet soothing and on found the remedy Viagra 100 mg had good reviews.

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