Acupuncture and Herbs for Parkinson’s Disease


Chief Complaint: Severe tremors/restricted movement

Western Diagnosis: Parkinson’s Disease

Medical History: A 52-year-old male has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for 5 years. He has experienced severe tremors in all extremities, difficulties in speech, loss of coordination, lapse of memory, etc. Despite western medications and continuous medial treatments, his conditions got worse to a point that his doctors suggest a brain surgery.

Questioning exam: Severe tremor attacks in a 15-min interval. His gait is non-focused and the patient occasionally lose speech functions. Extremely pale and low energy level. Hot in the upper torso, and cold hands and feet.

Pulse exam: Extremely wiry, fast and tense in all positions except Kidneys. When tremor attack begins pulses pound even stronger.

Tongue exam: Deep-purple in color, dry-thick yellow coating is visible through peeling. Sides and top of the tougue extremely red.

OM Diagnosis: Primary: Liver wind invasion, and depletion of Yin. Secondary: Liver invading Spleen with involvement of Kid/HT imbalance.

Treatment Principle: Remove wind and tonify Yin and Qi.

Point Prescription: GB 20

Brain-Motor/Sensory points with electric stimulation.

Ancillary points for tremors(1.5 cun below HT1 and 1.5 cun below HT3).


Sp4, PC6, Kd7, Kd27.

Lv3, LI4.

Shenmen and Balance points(Auricular).

Herbal Formula: Neuro-Plus by Evergreen

Lifestyle Prescription: Remove all dairy products and carbonated beverages. Abstain from alcohol.

Results: After initial treatment, patient did not experience tremors almost two days.

After three treatments, patient experience better sleeping, far less jerking, rosy-cheek and stronger appetite. He reduced his Western medications in half. Three months into the treatment, he is considering to go back to work.

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