The Acupuncture Treatment of Fibromyalgia


Chief Complaint: body aches all over

Western Diagnosis: fibromyalgia

Medical History: the patient is an electrician who loves spicy food, exercises not at all. Being an electrician in Maine working in very hot and humid environments in the summer and very cold and windy environments in the winter

Questioning exam: Pain migrates, is better when cold, the pain is dull achy in nature

Pulse exam: pulse is slippery, slightly wiry, large joints appear swollen and red and are hot to the touch

Tongue exam: red with a thick white coat

OM Diagnosis: wind cold bi rational is that the pain migrates is better in the cold

Treatment Principle: disperse wind and warm the cold

Point Prescription: LI 4, LV3, GB20, UB10, SJ5, LI11, ST40

Dietary Supplements: Supplements  are from Standard Process: Hepatrophin 2 tid, Spleen PMG 2 tid, Okra Pepsin 2 tid, Min- Chex 3 before bed, Magnesium Lactate 3 bid

Lifestyle Prescription: no spicy food, beer or alcohol, ice cream

Results: after six months of treatment (mostly herbal) the patient after consulting primary physician has stopped taking his Vioxx and is able to work almost a complete work day pain free

Synopsis: regular acupuncture + compliant herbal patient + time = results

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