The Acupuncture Treatment of Shoulder Pain


Chief Complaint: Right shoulder pain

Medical History: Patient is a 54 year old female massage therapist seeing 10-15 people per week. She has been seeking help for this problem for the past 2 years with the results being that it takes the pain away yet it always returns. Her outlook is positive and she has healthy diet and exercise habits.

Questioning exam: The pain is worse stress and on palpitations her whole right side is tender along that gallbladder channel. Patient has bouts of insomnia which have no particular cycle.

Pulse exam: Pulse in generally thin and weak, especially in SP and Ki Yin positions.

Tongue exam: Tongue is pale with a red tip.

OM Diagnosis: Ki Yin is weak since patient is post menopausal. The weakness of the spleen is not nourishing the muscles causing the inherent weakness.

Treatment Principle: Nourish SP Qi and Ki Yin

Point Prescription: Front tx: Ki 3, SP6, ST36, Ren4, GB 34, LI15, SI6

Back: LI16, SI13, Ashi, GB30, GB34, UB20, UB21, UB23

Strong stimulation til spasm to release muscle tension. Massage was incorporated after needles were removed to stretch the muscle. After 6 treatments, massage was added during needling to stretch the muscle as the spasm was being released.

Herbal Formula: Essential oils of Lavender and Clary Sage.

Results: On the 12th treatment, the shoulder girdle moved with an audible pop back into place. The next visit, patient was ready to deal with other issues.

Synopsis: Chronic long term pain has responded well to the combination of acupuncture, massage with theraputic-grade essential oils.

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