The Treatment of Ear Ache with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: Ear pain and head ache

Western Diagnosis: Ear infection and fluid accumulation

Medical History: Lower back pain(dull), inability to get pregnant for 4 months, 2 miscariages in the past.

Questioning exam: Appetite is well, sleep is well, urination bowel all normal. No cold hands feet, very seldom dizzy especially after squatting.

Pulse exam: pulse weak yet somewhat tense in deep palpitation.

Tongue exam: Tongue coat normal, material little pale.

OM Diagnosis: Long standing kidney Yang deficiency, GB liver little upset.

Treatment Principle: strengthen KD Yang and clear Liver/GB

Herbal Formula: Ren Shen by itself.

Chai Hu, Gou Teng, Bai shu, Da Zao.

Little dose of Lu Gen to keep heat in check and moisture in place used once a day for 14 days

Results: Ear infection gone. Got pregnant after 2 months.(by now already gave birth)

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