PMS and Chinese Medicine


For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been treating the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. In the modern world, many women have found, especially in the area of gynecology, that conventional modern Western medicine offers few answers, little relief, and no treatments other than harsh chemicals with potentially unpleasant side effects.

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Symptomatic Diagnosis: Female Reproductive

Symptomatic Diagnosis

Female reproductive issues make up the bulk of many a Chinese medicine herbalist’s practice. This article describes some of the key symptoms along with their differentiations, treatment principles, and formulas. Complaints include:

Light menstrual flow – Dark purple flow or thick flow – Thick menstrual flow – Thin flow – Early menstruation – Late menstruation – Amenorrhea (lack of period) – Metrorrhagia (heavy flow) – Irregular menstrual cycle – Fever during menstruation

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