Treatment of Gout, excruciating pain in the right knee, swelling and redness with acupuncture


Chief Complaint: Gout attack, excruciating pain in the right knee, swelling and redness. Patient is not able to walk. She can’t stand even the lightest touch in the knee area. Chief complaint

History: knee started to be increasingly painful 3 days before first treatment. She had a similar, less severe attack 6 months ago.

Medical History: 68 year old female. Married 8 children. Poor health. Overweight. Fat in the abdominal area. Kidney energy: Wakes up to urinate 3 times a night. Constant and dull low back pain. Weak knees. Spleen energy: Good appetite. Heartburn a couple of times a week. Regular bowel movements.Tired after eating Pain in the hypochondria, Emotional/nervous system Worries a lot. Fearful. Sleeps on an off during the night. Heart palpitations once a month.

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