Oriental Medicinal Herb and Acupuncture for Fatty Liver and Diabetes


Chief Complaint: fatty liver and poorly controlled Type 2 Diabetes

Medical History: 55 yr old Caucasian male. Morbidly obese.

First appointment on March 2004 pt’s labs reflect triglyceride level of 1105, cholesterol of 230 and elevated AST (50’s) and ALT (80’s). Pt’s record of blood sugars indicate his blood sugars were consistently in the high 230’s. Pt was not (and is not) on any western medications. Even though pt had dangerously elevated triglycerides and blood sugars he consistently refused western medications. His MD finally referred him to acupuncture in the hopes that something could be done to stabilize the patient.

Patient does not drive and does not cook. He reports excessive appetite He either buys prepared meals at the deli counter of grocery store or goes out to eat. His only exercise was walking to the public bus.

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