Chinese Medicine Treatment of Bloating


Chief Complaint: gas,severe bloating, diminished ability to flatulate

Western Diagnosis: stress

Medical History: Walks daily, married 57yr old but doesn’t live with wife (both are happy in this arrangement) has suffered from clinical depression for years and sees a psychiatrist, average diet not in excess, slim except for protruding stomach, accountant for school which is very stressful, hypochondriac pains

Questioning exam: likes cold fluids, thirsty a lot, healthy appetite but bloats excessively after meals, hard to fall asleep, has anxiety at night, constipated-every 3rd day, poor energy, mind is cloudy most of the time, cold feet all the time, poor memory, lumbago at night, sharp twinges in the heel, leg cramps at night, neck and shoulders get stiff when stressed.

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