The Treatment of Menstrual Diarrhea with Acupuncture and Herbs


Chief Complaint: Early morning diarrhea which is worse just before and during menses.

Medical History: Generally nervous person, tends to internalize stress. Too much cold and sweet food. Exercises daily. Drinks wine several times per week. Previous antibiotic use with subsequent yeast infections.

Questioning exam: Symptoms worse with period.

Symptoms worse in the winter.

Symptoms worse with stress.

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Herbs and Acupuncture for Achelles Tendinitis


Chief Complaint: Achilles Tendinitis

Western Diagnosis: Achilles Tendinitis

Medical History: Patient, 62, with primary complaint of achilles heel tendinitis. She has been a ice skater for over twenty years and has only recently began feeling a fixed pain and swelling at KD3 to KD7 area.

She is slightly overweight with poor eating habits, yet has a good exercise regimine, exercising at least 4 times a week for at least 45 minutes.

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The Treatment of Allergies and Insomnia with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: Allergy and Insomnia

Western Diagnosis: Allergy and Insomnia

Medical History: Dizziness, fatigue, frontal headache, insomnia, asthma, nausea, earache, hay fever, sinus problems. back, legs, neck and shoulders pain, Lumps in groins.
Allergic to passion fruit, chamomile, some fruits, cats, horses, goats, deers, some herbs.

Questioning exam: Allergy and asthma since pt was born and has been tested and confirmed by specialist. Symptoms included daily sneezing, itchy throat, running nose, stuffy ears, frontal headache, and frequent skin rush.

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Dizziness and Vertigo Treated with Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: Dizziness

Western Diagnosis: Vertigo

Medical History: Weight training 2x a week

Eats lots of fatty foods, sweet cravings

Drinks a lot of coffee

Questioning exam: Migraine headaches for 6 months

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The Treatment of Depression with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs


Chief Complaint: depression

Western Diagnosis: depression, generalized anxiety disorder

Medical History: 42 year old female. Extreme despair every morning, characterized by great anxiety, terror of organizing her life, suicidal thoughts, fatigue.

Questioning exam: The patient revealed that she vomited bile on many mornings and she had had a cholecystectomy 3 years previously. She was intolerant of fat.She had struggled with weight gain and was overweight, gaining 60lbs. in three years.She had a very large scar under the right rib cage from the surgery.

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Intraepidermal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treated with Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: “Severe dysplasia of vulva and rectum”. Secondary complaint of “recurring shingles due to weak immune system”.

Western Diagnosis: Bowen’s Disease. AKA- Intraepidermal Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Medical History: This woman, age 42, works as a Hollywood talent agent, where intense stress is a minimum daily requirement. Her dysplasia issue began or was diagnosed 18 years prior to this treatment (10/9/01). She had received seven surgeries and/or laser treatment to excise the malignancy sites over that time. Her first malignancy operation was in 1984 with the other surgeries occurring periodically to 1999. As a young woman she had a history of menstrual problems, including “bursting” cysts and tumors (fibroid ?), had one ovary removed at age 19 and eventually a total hysterectomy in July of ’99. She was taking Nexium to treat her job related ulcers. She had daily “migraine” headaches and was taking Imitrex. She had an overactive bladder and had a prescription for Detrol to treat that problem.

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Male Impotence Treated with Acupuncture and Oriental Herbs


Chief Complaint: Impotence

Western Diagnosis: Impotence.

Medical History: Patient is a 27 year old Caucasian male who presented with complaint of sexual dysfunction for two years duration. It is not continuous but has been steadily worsening.

Patient maintains a healthy diet, is moderately physically active and under tremendous psychological stress. maintains a monogamous relationship with a girlfriend.

He has been experiencing lumbago concurrent with the impotence since it began. He was involved in a motorcycle accident seven years prior in which, among other injuries, he shattered his left fibula and ankle. He now has decreased ROM in his left ankle and his gait is altered. This limits his physical activities and has set up mechanical imbalances in his pelvis and SI-joint.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Shoulder Pain


Chief Complaint: Right shoulder pain

Medical History: Patient is a 54 year old female massage therapist seeing 10-15 people per week. She has been seeking help for this problem for the past 2 years with the results being that it takes the pain away yet it always returns. Her outlook is positive and she has healthy diet and exercise habits.

Questioning exam: The pain is worse stress and on palpitations her whole right side is tender along that gallbladder channel. Patient has bouts of insomnia which have no particular cycle.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for Herpes Zoster (Shingles)


Chief Complaint: burning pain in the left hip which referred to the genital region.

Western Diagnosis: herpes zoster.

Medical History: 29 year old female with a history of vaginal infections as well as genital herpes. She is currently sexually active with several partners and is currently taking oral contraceptives.

Questioning exam: Patient complains of burning pain in her left hip which refers to her genital region. Onset of pain was on week prior to coming for treatment with progressive pain daily. The area of pain is marked by red vesicles which appear to be fluid filled. Lesions can be seen in the areas from UB31 to GB29 and to the inguinal groove on the left side.

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Acupuncture Treatment for Hand Injury


Chief Complaint: Pain and immobility of hand

Western Diagnosis: Hand Crush Injury.

Medical History: Crush injury of right hand during work-accident.

Questioning exam: Continuous pain in right hand, immobility of hand and fingers with exacerbation of pain with movement. Insomnia, decline in libido and sexual performance since injury.

OM Diagnosis: Injury of PC channel, with attendant symptoms of PC organ, causing insomnia and sexual and libido decline.

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