DSHEA Tutorial: Net Quantity of Contents


The “Net Quantity of Contents” is a statement of how much powder or how many capsules will be found inside the container.

So again we’ll want to make sure that the words are level and upright as we would view the product on a shelf like in your front office if you’re a typical TCM practitioner or Rite-Aid if you like to think big, or Target if you like to think bigger, or Wal-Mart if insanely obsessed with becoming a household name.

And why not? Let’s continue with a look at the particular rules regarding the statement of quantity:

located in the lower 30% of the principle display panel (or “front” of the bottle).

contents must be described in either quantity, weight (in metric AND US standard) or both.

minimum type size for statement of quantity is based on the size of the principle display panel:

< 5 square inches, the smallest lower case “o” is 1/16″.

> 5 square inches, the smallest lower case “o” is 1/8″.

For our labels that are 4″ x 2″ the total space is 8 square inches. That’s much greater than 5 square inches, so we’re not going to use any type that is smaller than 1/8″ when measuring the height of the lower case letter “o”. Don’t assume that the point size as provided by your computer program has any usefulness in this regard, and don’t measure the type on your computer screen either. Print it out and measure it. That’s the only way to know for sure. In fact, anybody reading this from the printing business is now laughing hysterically at these warnings. Point size and screen resolutions vary widely, so print out your label to know where you stand with your lower case “o”.

bottle label with quantity included

bottle label with quantity included

Next: just the supplement facts, ma’am.

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