The Rapid Pulse (Shuo Mai)


Rapid Pulse (90-140 bpm) (?? Shuo Mai)

key point: fast

Indications: (Forceful) Excess heat: excessive heat stimulates the circulation of the qi and blood. This is both thermodynamics and five element theory where heat stimulates the Heart functions.

(Thin) yin deficiency: causes a relative hyperactivity of yang leading to deficiency heat.

(Hollow) blood deficiency: this mechanisms is identical to how the lack of yin can cause deficiency heat and the rapid pulse. Blood deficiency too can cause this kind of deficiency heat rapid pulse.

Explanation: as is the case in thermodynamics, an excess of heat or pathogenic yang will cause the pulse to increase in rate. The same thing applies to a deficiency of cool (yin) as well. In case of the yin deficiency, naturally the pulse will reflect this lack of substance with a thin pulse. Another fluid that can be deficient, leading to a fast pulse, is blood. There is often a very thin line between the symptoms of blood deficiency and yin deficiency. Based on Chinese textbooks, the fast pulse due to blood deficiency may arise with the hollow pulse.

The Rapid Pulse

The Rapid Pulse

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