The Moderate, Slowed-down, Lax, Retarded, Leisurely Pulse (Huan Mai)


Moderate Pulse (?? Huan Mai, slowed-down, lax, retarded, leisurely)

Key points: feels slow to the fingers, but normal by the clock

Indications: Dampness: sticky substance impedes flow of qi and blood in vessels.

Spleen/Stomach deficiency: leads to dampness, then see above.

Can also be considered a “normal” pulse.


think of this pulse as slow to the fingers, but normal to the clock. It can suggest internal dampness such that the increased viscosity of the damp blood will in a sense online drugstoreusa thicken the blood and cause the fluid to move more slowly. Internal dampness of course can arise from a Spleen/Stomach deficiency and thus the moderate pulse may indicate an Earth phase weakness.

Or it can mean nothing. Nothing at all. Sorry to get your hopes up. :)

The Moderate Pulse

The Moderate Pulse

Comparison of Slow and Moderate Pulses

Comparison of Slow and Moderate Pulses

Next: let’s pick up the pace a bit with the rapid pulse.

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