The Excessive, Full, Replete Pulse (Shi Mai)


Excessive Pulse (?? Shi Mai, full, replete)

Key points: long, wide, forceful on all three depths

Indications: pathogenic factors with strong anti-pathogenic qi: excess condition causes excess pulse.

Explanation: this pulse doesn’t show up in all of the text books. It suggests a variety of excessive parameters including the long length, wide width, and forceful force on all three positions. This pulse condition suggests that the patient is of a hearty excessive constitution and they may be fighting off a pathogenic influence in a very excessive manner.

p.excess The Excessive, Full, Replete Pulse (Shi Mai)

The Excessive Pulse

4.1.42.table The Excessive, Full, Replete Pulse (Shi Mai)

Comparison of Excessive and Flooding Pulses

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