Deviated, Short, Licking Tongue Body Movement


Indications of the Deviated, Short, Licking Tongue Body Movements.

tongue.body.flexibility.2 Deviated, Short, Licking Tongue Body Movement
This tongue contracts and cannot extend.
It is a sign of a fatal case. (A “short” tongue can still extend)This tongue contracts and cannot extend.
It is a sign of a fatal case. (A “short” tongue can still extend)Curving
The patient sticks the tongue out and
moves it up and down, left and right, or in and out.
It indicates pathogenic heat in the Heart or Spleen.
endogenous pathogenic wind,
or mal-developed infantile intelligence
toxic petilential factor attacking the Heart
out > in
in > out
This tongue is short and contracted, unable to protrude out
of the mouth. It indicates a critical condition.
damp-phlegm accumulationplump
and greasy
body fluids impaired by heat causing
spasm of the tongue muscles
cold causes spasmodic contraction of the tongue
pale and moist
red and dry
The tongue that points to one side order ritalin from mexico while protruding is called
the deviated tongue. It indicates an obstruction in the
channels and collaterals of either wind, phlegm, or both.
Blood deficiency gives rise to internal wind
Liver-wind attack
red body,
acute onset

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