The Treatment of Anxiety and Depression with Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: anxiety/depression/fatigue/shortness of breath

Western Diagnosis: anxiety/depression

Medical History: 20-40 milligrams of Celexa (almost 1 yr),

Ht: 5’11 wt: 140

Childhood illnesses: chickenpox

Immunization: Tetanus, Measles/Mumps/Rubella/Pertussis/Diptheria

Hospitalizations/Surgeries: tonsilectomy/skin graft

Family Medical History: Alcoholism/Cancer/Diabetes/Mental Illness

Habits: Swimming/Smoking

Diet: eggs, pasta, cereal, meat, milk, yogurt. Craves meat. Feels like increased metabolism.

History of Childhood mental and physical abuse.

Questioning exam: Temp: cold, especially hands and feet

Perspiration: Does not easily sweat.

Head and Face: Lack of Concentration

Heart & Chest: Chest Tightness/Feels like breath is going somewhere else. Shortness of Breath.

Eye: Glasses, Tired eyes

Drinks: prefer cold drinks. Not that thirsty.

Mouth: teeth grinding/TMJ pain

Musculoskeletal: Tight Neck/Shoulder/Jaw

Neurological: Nervousness/Anxiety

GI: Excessively hungry. Hungry but don’t feel like eating. Gas/Bloating

Stool: Light Brown/Mild in odor/formed

Urine: yellow

Phlegm: some phlegm in throat

Sleep: wake easily (esp 4AM)/Like to stay up late, not in the mood to go to bed even though has to get up early

6-8 hours of sleep per night

Energy/Immunity: High Energy/Low Energy/Chronic Fatigue

Emotional: Mood Swings/Nervousness/Anxiety/Mental Tension/Depression/Sadness/Irritability/Anger and Stress level-8

Reproductive: Reduced Libido/Impotence

Relationship: loss of interest in relationships.

Energy; Sometimes really high=mind racing. External Energy, not deep rooted energy. Sometimes totally drained, especially physically. Feels like always in fight or flight mode.

Pulse exam: Initial pulses felt slippery and soft. Not rooted in deep level but extremely strong in superficial levels. Very strong in GB position

Pulses eventually started getting stronger and rooted in deeper levels after a few treatments (after tonification of qi and yin)

Last treatment brought GB pulse down immediately! Using GB40 to transfer excess wood energy into def. TB using TB3

Physically-very thin, pale body.

Tongue exam: Initially: Tongue: Reddish purple with sl. cracks and thin coat

Some treatment intakes showed really thick white coat

Last treatment brought GB pulse down immediately! Using GB40 to transfer excess wood energy into def. TB using TB3

OM Diagnosis: Wood & metal disharmony. Liver qi stagnation blocking Lu energy.

Sp Qi xu

Yin xu

Treatment Principle: 1. Tonify Yin & Qi. 2: Move Qi once patient gained more yin/Qi internal energy. 3: Balance pulses using 5 element approach.

Point Prescription: Initial treatments consisted of first Aggressive energy treatment. then tonification points & relaxation points for a few treatments such as St36, Sp6, CV12, KI 6 PC 7, yin tang, shenmen, jaw ashi’s, CV6 with moxa. When patient started feeling more internal energy and his pulses showed more yin energy as well I started moving things a little bit more. ie: Liv 14/LU1. Liv 3, LI4

Pt was able to get off of Celexa and then I did alot of 5NP’s to help him detox & anmian with relaxations points to help restlessness & sleep as well as PC6 Sp 4

Herbal Formula: Initially: Adaptogen herbs for internal energy + flight or flight responses to stress. Suan Zao ren tang before bedtime.

Lifestyle Prescription: Meditation, reduce milk products.

Results: Good: patient off of Celexa, was bored in his job-now searching for a career he thinks he will enjoy. Last treatment he was down on himself for not being able to decide where he really wanted to go in his life “wants to do something that matters”. Had lots of different ideas but never really had a clear vision. I will be interested to see if his “vision” is any clearer after last treatment (GB 40/TB 3)

Clinic Name: AnSen Clinic

clinic address: 3322 SE Taylor St. Portland OR 97214

clinic phone number: 503-473-2914

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