Acupuncture Treatment of Trigeminal Neurologia


Chief Complaint: Facial Pain

Western Diagnosis: Trigeminal Neuralgia

History: 2 surgeries on the trigeminal nerve. An artery and vein were both wrapped around the nerve.
Symptoms: pain and numbness on the right side of the face. Sometimes got a electrical shock feeling, and sometimes a cold sensation.
Palpation: right side of the face was sensitive to touch. A pulse of deep and weak.
Observation: tongue was slightly red, thin white coating. A thinner shape
OM Diagnosis: qi and blood stagnation in the face, with a mild yin deficiency
Treatment Principle: promote qi and blood circulation, tonify yin
Point Prescription: sp 6, k 3, gb 44, du 20, yintang, taiyang, st 8, si 18, st 3, 4, 5, gb 2, LI 4 also used electronic acupuncture: si 18- st 5
Lifestyle Prescription: anti-inflammatory diet, increase omega 3-6-9 oils, no caffeine or any other stimulants
Results: currently undergoing treatment, slight improvement (less pain) after just one treatment
Name: Dr. Nicole Mitchelson
Credentials: TCMD, R.Ac, RMT, B.Sc
Clinic Name: Allied Health Centre
Street address: University of Regina
City: Regina
State: Saskatchewan
Zip: S4S 0A2
Country: Canada
Phone 1: 306-337-2643
Specialties: gynecology

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