Acupuncture and Herbs for Sharp Headache


Chief Complaint: sharp pain on head
History: Appendectomy @ age 18 Tonsillectomy @ 8 y.o., Gall Bladder taken out @ 43 y.o., halted menstruation, 1975- Thyroid burned with radiation, Hearing Loss in Right ear in 2000
Symptoms: Pain in upper back between scapula, Pin to move the shoulder, stiff, pain comes & goes
Palpation: Earth pulse is a little deficient
Observation: Stagnation on sides of tongue, Thick white coat, slightly blood stasis
OM Diagnosis: XUE STASIS
Treatment Principle: move xue stasis
Point Prescription: GB 20, St 36, GB 40, Sp 10, LI 4, Liv 3, Left GB 9, Left GB 14
Herb Prescription: 2nd appt: Yi Guan Jian Wan
Results: sharp pain gone from head

Name: Mei-jen Sun Stokesbary, L.Ac, LLC
Credentials: Hawai’i License: ACU #895
Clinic Name: Mei-jen Sun Stokesbary, L.Ac, LLC
Street address: PO BOX 6212
City: Kamuela
State: Hawai’i
Zip: 96743
Country: United States
Phone 1: 808-640-9090
Specialties: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Sei Tai Shin Po Acupuncture, Musculoskeletal, Women’s Health, Detoxification, Spiritual Balancing

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