Acupuncture Treatment of Headache


Chief Complaint: headache

History: 50 year old female presented with a headache which she had without any relief for two years. Patient was on prednisone, darvocet, vicoden and over the counter medications for pain. Her doctor wanted to put her on additional medication for the anxiety and depression she had as a result of the pain and pain medication. This is the reason she sought out alternative medicine.

Symptoms: Constant unrelenting headache except when heavily medicated. The patient could point to a specific place for the pain in her neck and head

Palpation: Pulse was tight, wiry and deep. Palpation of head and neck was not remarkable
Observation: Tongue was swollen, and purple with no coat
OM Diagnosis: Blood stagnation, liver qi rising
Treatment Principle:
Point Prescription: Sp 10, Sp 6, liv2, liv3
Herb Prescription: An herbal prescription was not recommended because the patient was adverse to herbs in fear that it would interfere with her medications
Lifestyle Prescription: No alcohol, sugar, dairy. Eat more green leafy vegetables
Results: After the first visit the patient was headache free for 6 hours. The patient was very happy after having a solid headache for two years. With each visit the duration of the relief expanded. over the course of 30 treatments the patient was able to reduce her prednisone to zero without headache. Now the patient returns every 6 weeks for maintenance; the headaches are gone.
Synopsis: Over the course of treatment as the headache pain diminished the patient had other complaints which were treated concurrently.
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