Oriental Medicine Treatment of Fibromyalgia


Chief Complaint: Body Aches

Western Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia
History: Body Aches (9 years); this includes neck/arms/feet; numbness and pain; only recently it extends to fingers; she notices finger pains when she picks up things. has been diagnosed with arthritis; stress; muscle tension; tried Aleve, it’s been helpful with body aches; it’s worse in the morning when waking up and getting up, she “felt like 90”; especially in feet. Tried physical therapy, too. Secondary complaints: low sex drive. Current medications – Prion (digestion prescription); flovent (asthma inhaler); singular (asthma pill); Sudafed (OTC sinus drug, when needed); asteline & nasonex are inhaler of different types; used to take clortrimitron (antihistamin), but currently off it; multivitamin, calcium, flaxseed oil; aleve (pain); docicyclin (laxative).Hospitalization. Surgeries, Injuries – bunions (’86), tubes tied.

Symptoms: Sudden energy drop in pm; Chronic asthma ; Acid reflex; Lots spider veins; Neck/hand/arm/foot pain; fatigue; Susceptible to cold; Easy bruises; Stress on job; Poor sleep;

Palpation: Pulse – slight wiry, soft.

Observation: Tongue – purple; thin white tongue coat, dry.
Body – tired looking and lack of energy; lots of blood spider veins around both popliteal (around back of knee) areas.

OM Diagnosis: Qi deficient, qi and Blood stagnation

Treatment Principle: Tonify qi, strengthen lung and Move Qi and Blood

Point Prescription: LV3, LI4, GB34, BL13, BL18, BL20, BL23, BL25; CV12; ST34; SP10; LU7; KD6;LU5

Herb Prescription: Jie Geng 6g, Zhe Bei Mu 6g, Mai Men Dong 6g, Chai Hu 5g; Mi Huang Qi 8g; Dang Shen 6g; Chao Bai Zhu 6g; Fu Ling 6g; Gan Cao 4g; Sheng Ma 4g; Chen Pi 7g; Zhi Ke 7g; Xiang Fu 7g; Chuang Xiong 4g; Dang Gui 4g; Chao Bai Shao 6g; Shu Di Huang 4g

Lifestyle Prescription: Routine bed exercises including simple rubbing her scalp, face, and neck; finger/toe wringing; turning knees left and right with shoulders on bed; pelvic strengthening. Ten minutes every morning before getting out of bed and drinking at least two glasses of water right out of bed.

Results: After four weekly treatments, the patient felt much better.

Name: Eugenia Lai
Credentials: MA Medical Board Certified Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist
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