Treatment of facial hemiparalysis, Bell’s Palsy with Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: facial hemiparalysis for over 13 years.

Western Diagnosis: Bell’s palsy.

Medical History: He found he had a bad facial hemiparalysis one day morning thirteen years ago when he got up. His physician’s diagnosis was Bell’s palsy and told him that the problem will be cured in about three months by itself without any help. He waited about four months but the problem was still there and same as before. Then his physician told him that he is a special case, nobody could help. So he went to several other physicians and the answers were the same. His situation remains ever since. There is nothing special about his habits, diet, family history except he exercises a lot for the last 12 years.

Questioning exam: Disappeared left forehead wrinkle and shallower left nasolabial groove, unable to close left eye, unable to blow in the left side of the mouth, angle of mouth closer to the right side.

Pulse exam: Pulse: both sides cun, guan and chi are a little bit weak.

Tongue exam: Body of the tongue: oblique to the right side with toothmarks and pale colored. Coating: a little bit greasy.

OM Diagnosis: Pattern: spleen and stomach deficiency and channels blocking. Generally, chronic situation is deficiency. Plus this is a thirteen years case. Channels blocking are due to the deficiency. This can explain the patient’s situation. Greasy tongue is due to the phlegm from the deficiency of the spleen and stomach.

Treatment Principle: Tonify the spleen and stomach and unblock the blocking channels.

Point Prescription: LI4, St.36, GB30, GB14, GV20, St4, St6.
Once every other day for two months and then once a week.

Herbal Formula: Stomach pills ( xiang sha yang wei wan ): 8 pills each time, 3 times a day.

Lifestyle Prescription: No spicy food, no wine, not too much sex, no wind blow to the left facial area.

Results: Back to normal after thirteen month treatment.

Synopsis: Acupuncture is good for the bell’s palsy syndrome even with thirteen years history.

Courtesy of:
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