Acupuncture and Herbs for ADD


Chief Complaint: short attention span, procrastination, lack of presence

Western Diagnosis: ADD attention deficit disorder

Medical History: 15-year old boy in good overall health, strong constitution.

Questioning exam: Will begin going somewhere and then within 1 minute forget where he was going. Cannot pay attention to schoolwork for longer than 1 minute. Procrastinates with schoolwork constantly. Has good long-term memory. Has no problem memorizing or remembering information.

Constant, visible jerking and twitching of the hands, arms and upper body. Has lost consciousness twice in his life for no apparent reason. Gets headaches that feel like pressure gathering in the parietal areas of his head. (Internal LR wind / slight yang rising)

Not easily startled. Does not have dreams he can remember or that disturb him. (No settle spirit worse than anyone else)

Always hungry. Hungry for food and hungry for adventure. “I don’t feel right if I don’t have some scrapes and bruises.” Gets thirsty but ignores it. No acid reflux or regurgitation. No heavy limbs, heavy head, or excess mucus. (ST yin deficiency, ST heat, no dampness)

Notices heart palpitations when lying down but not during activity. Dizziness upon standing. No blurry eyes or floaters. (HT blood deficiency stemming from LR blood deficiency).

No shortness of breath, no feeling of weakness in chest. No cough. (No HT qi def or LU qi def)

No fatigue except with over-exertion (riding his bike for half the day). (no overall qi def.)

Malar flush (yin def.), earth body type (SP/ST), inside of eyelids is pale with some red lines (LR blood def with some heat in blood). Tends to be hot rather than cold, but not excessively. No sweating except buy clonazepam cheap upon exertion. (HT)

Pulse exam: Pulse thin and slight pounding overall (yin def., blood def., some heat). ST position has strong pounding and is thin, verging on razor-like (ST yin def., ST heat). LR was tense and bounding (LR qi stag., wind). HT was soft and deficient. (HT blood def.)

Tongue exam: Normal length, Normal texture, Normal thickness, Wide, Deviated (LR wind internal), peeled in front and middle areas (yin def. in upper & middle jiao), yellow coat in back with red dots (lower jiao, KI heat), midline crack in ST area with red dots around it. (ST yin deficiency causing ST heat)

OM Diagnosis: LR Wind, HT blood deficiency and LR blood deficiency are main patterns to treat for attention span difficulties. ST heat, ST yin deficiency and slight KI yin deficiency are also there.

Treatment Principle: Clear Wind, Harness yang rising, Tonify LR & HT blood, Tonify ST yin, Clear ST heat

Point Prescription: For wind: Dispersed: GB 20, GV 16, GV 20, BL 62, LR 3.

For LR/HT blood def: Tonified: SP 10, SP 6, CV 4, BL 15, HT 7, HT 5. Also did direct moxa on all of these points.

For ST yin def., ST heat: Dispersed: ST 45, CV 12. Tonified: ST 36, ST 44, SP 6.

Herbal Formula: Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin + Suan Zao Ren for the wind for 6 weeks.

Lifestyle Prescription: Neck & shoulder massages to help let go of the wind. Energy work to help let go of the spirits attached to the wind.

Results: Good results.

Clinic Name: Shams Deckter, L.Ac.

clinic address: 2080 Prince Avenue

clinic phone number: 706-369-8855

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