The Acupuncture Treatment of Stiff, Sore Neck, Whiplash


Chief Complaint: stiff, sore neck

Western Diagnosis: whiplash injury

Medical History: health, exercise, diet excellent

Questioning exam: pain front and back of neck, some aching down into shoulders,

Pulse exam: pulse wiry, shoulders and neck muscles in spasm

Tongue exam: tongue normal, shoulders in guarding position, no obvious swelling or deformity in neck

OM Diagnosis: stagnation of qi/blood in du and bladder channels

Treatment Principle: moves qi/blood

Point Prescription: GV-20, CV-22 strong reducing.
Japanese neck txm, pt near to LI-10 + ROM

Results: Good. 2 treatments were necessary to alleviate pain, and a further 4 to restore full ROM. Treatments were spaced every other day for one week and twice weekly thereafter.

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