Acupuncture for Shoulder Pain


Chief Complaint: shoulder pain

Western Diagnosis: sprain and strain

History: acute overwork due to yard work; no other acute or chronic health complaints.

Symptoms: Left sided shoulder pain between scapula and spine.

Palpation: pulse is slightly rapid, overall slightly tight.

Observation: tongue appearance is normal red-pink, thin-white coat.

OM Diagnosis: SI channel obstruction.

Treatment Principle: balance method.

Point Prescription: Left: SP6, ah shi
Right HT 4, ah shi
Aricular: shen men, yin tang

Herb Prescription: none

Lifestyle Prescription: hydrotherapy alternating hot/cold to sore area

Results: complete resolution after 2 treatments in 2 week period

Name: Sarita Elizabeth Cox
Credentials: ND MSOM LAc
Clinic Name: Dr Sarita Elizabeth Cox
Street address: 1109 21st Avenue
City: Tuscaloosa
State: AL
Zip: 35401
Country: USA
Phone 1: 205.310.7197
Specialties: acupuncture, pain management, fertility, optimal lifestyle, homeopathy, nature cure

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