Acupuncture Treatment of Pain and Tightness in Legs


Chief Complaint: Pain and tightness in legs

Western Diagnosis: Sciatica, scoliosis

Medical History: Acid reflux (possible hiatal hernia),
GI sensitivity to meds, Lactose intolerance, does lots of physical labor at home,
Western meds and supplements
Celebrex: 50 mg
Glucosamine / Chondroiton sulfate

Questioning exam: Tight hips
Tight hamstrings
Paraesthesia radiating down
lateral thighs, especially
Tight thighs
Tightness in groin and down
quadriceps to knees
Pain in wrist, hands and spine
Acid reflux (possible hiatal
Burping, gas, constipation
Inability to rest

Pulse exam: Upper Jiao ‘ tense and pounding
Middle Jiao ‘ empty and thin
Lower Jiao (kidney) ‘ deep

Tongue exam: Dusky body, redness in center, transverse cracks, red tip, scattered red spots

OM Diagnosis: Local Qi and liver blood stagnation
Bone bi syndrome
Qi and Yin deficiency

Treatment Principle: Move qi and blood, tonify qi and yin

Point Prescription: Hua Tuo Jia Ji points around L1-L5, Si3/UB62, GB31, GB30, GB34, ST41, GB40, LIV3.

Herbal Formula: Herbs: Patient refuses due to GI sensitivity.

Lifestyle Prescription: It was suggested that balance could be achieved by having the patient build a wooden hot tub and then soak in it to nourish her wood element. By nourishing the mother (water element) the wood element could be strengthened in a healthy way.
Institute a bedtime so she can continue to do the physical labor during the day that she so loves. If she is rested from a good night’s sleep, she can honor her wood driven tendency to exert herself physically and still provide the support her heart and kidneys need by getting a good night’s sleep.

Results: Patient did not build a hot tub but is enjoying more sleep at night. Patient reports reduced pain and feels better rested with improved energy.

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