Acupuncture for Osteroarthritis


Chief Complaint: Shoulder Pain

Western Diagnosis: Osteoarthritis

Medical History: Patient shot competitive target archery as a teen and wore shoulder joint out. He shot 3+ hours per day 7 months out of the year for 9 years

Questioning exam: Left shoulder was painful, described as an ache that worsened with cold and damp. There was lots of popping and grinding in shoulder joint. There was limited range of motion.

Pulse exam: Shoulder was very tender at SI9 SI10 SI11. Liver pulse was wiry.

Tongue exam: Slight red tongue tip. Fat tongue with some scallops.

OM Diagnosis: QI & blood stagnation, cold “BI” pain.

Treatment Principle: Move QI and blood. Clear pain.

Point Prescription: Master Tung points (3 weights) located at and above GB39 on opposite side (right) leg. Cupping should joint and left scapula area.

Herbal Formula: none

Lifestyle Prescription: none

Results: Complete pain resolution after 5 treatments. Patient had tried other acupuncture with no results. Shoulder joint continued to heal 6 months after treatments were stopped. No more grinding and popping is noticeable to patient.

Synopsis: Patient said he forgot he ever had shoulder pain even though it was getting progressively worse for 10 years.

Clinic Name: Elements Acupuncture

clinic address: 1880 Radford Rd

Dubuque, IA 52002

clinic phone number: 563-582-7878

email address:

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