Acupuncture for Neck and Shoulder Pain


Chief Complaint: neck and shoulder pain since 16 years

Medical History: young woman, 35, refugee immigrant from Cuba, married with one daughter; gave history of persistent neck and shoulder pain of 16 yrs duration which came and went and tended to become persistent; worse at end of day, post-stress. works hard at a job and homemaker; non-smoker drinker etc. Indigenous- American diet; obviously overworked; has been to hospitals, has had X rays, medications, to no avail. Heard of our Community Acupuncture Clinic Refugee Component and came for help.

Questioning exam: Our approach was:
a. symmetry
b. extra channels
c. 5 Element Deep Diagnosis by Design style. pain type, periodicity, led to suspected HT qi depletion; tongue and pulse reaffirmed; point and channel palpation reinforced. Main discrepancy was a shoulder height asymmetry, and a LV stagnation of type of Oketsu by Matsumoto’s school.

Pulse exam: both cun pulses Weak. both guans Stagnated and Full. both chi Weak and Deep. shu for HT tender. HT SI channels both tender in sectors. Ren 14 hollow and lax. Feet Cold, head warm.

Tongue exam: tongue with media fissure, red tip with papillae. Matsumoto’s quadrilateral test showed warped shoulders.

OM Diagnosis: looked more like an asymmetry than an organ dysfunction.

Treatment Principle: 1. remove LV Stagnation L of navel
2. work with extra channels
3. tone HT and reduce LI.

Point Prescription: ketsu LV Stagnation cleared with Matsumoto protocol, L LV 4, LU 5, with R LV 4; L UB 35 next coccyx to clear possible portal veing congestion.

extra points:
K 6 – LU 7; SP 4 – P 6.

5 – e protocol,
tone k 2 Fire point on K channel [time was 5 PM] and reduce K 10.

Results: Pain shifted in 10 mts, was entirely relived with the asymmetry protocol. the rest was superfluous. treated weekly for 4 turns; no relapse.

Synopsis: asymmetry often precipitates problems which clear when this is righted. Matsumoto’s work is stupendous and should be the 1st step to all treatments.

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