The Acupuncture Treatment of Neck Pain


Chief Complaint: Sore neck

Western Diagnosis: neck pain

Medical History: 41 yo male patient was in MVA 11/20/2000. Pt. states he was stationary at stop sign and was struck from rear by trash truck moving approximately 8mph. Pt. denies striking any object inside of car. Pt. states he was wearing seat belt.

Questioning exam: Pt denies dizziness, blurred vision, nausea. Pt also denies and loss of movement on limbs or any burning or numbness sensations. Pt. states neck is very sore and that he can barely move it.

Pulse exam: HR 60 BPM BP 120/80
flexion normal
extension normal
lateral flexion normal

palpation reveals swelling and mild tenderness

Tongue exam: Tongue N/A

Pt. appears slightly uncomfortable.

OM Diagnosis: Qi and blood stagnation

Rationale: trauma

Treatment Principle: Move qi and blood

Point Prescription: local ashi points/ ice with micro current stimulation

Herbal Formula: Yan hu suo tang

Results: Outstanding result. Increased range of motion and reduction of inflammation

Synopsis: Chinese diagnosis of little value in trauma. Seems western approach of acupuncture significantly better than eastern viewpoint. I knew that any ways going through school

Courtesy of:
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