Acupuncture and Herbs for Neck and Shoulder Pain


Chief Complaint: neck and shoulder pain/tension

Medical History: patient woke up with crick in neck one week ago, initially got better, then today much worse.

Questioning exam: pain at base of skull (UB10/GB 20 area) and shoulders (GB21 area) more L sided; irritability; pain at 7 on scale of 1-10.

Pulse exam: pulse wiry overall

Tongue exam: red sides and tip, scant coat

OM Diagnosis: Liver Qi stagnation; local Qi/Blood stagnation

Treatment Principle: Move Liver Qi and disperse local stagnation

Point Prescription: Since pain is manifest along Taiyang and Shaoyang meridians Master Tung point groupings of Qi Hu (UB 60 + two points each two cun above) and Yi, Er, and San Zhong (GB39 – but located more anteriorly + two points each two cun above) are chosen) + SI3. I also put points Ling gu and Da bai in L hand. Once online drug store us inserted I have patient slowly rotate their neck, being mindful to move more slowly and deliberately through tense areas.

Herbal Formula: Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan from BioEssence 10 pills three times daily

Lifestyle Prescription: minimize coffee, alcohol, greasy spicy foods

Results: Release of tension is almost instantaneous. Pain reduced to 1/10

Synopsis: I use these points probably everyday in my practice with excellent results. My primary strategy for pain is to needle distally on the affected meridian and either have the patient move the affected ares, or massage it briefly to draw the Qi to the area. If the problem is abdominal or thoracic, I have them breath.

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