Oriental Medicine for Knee Pain


Chief Complaint: Pain is in the back of the left knee

Western Diagnosis: Meniscal tear; a ganglion cyst.

Medical History: the patient is a 47-year-old female whose weight is over 200lb. The patient fell down and injured her left knee ten months ago. Soon after the patient started to experience pain in her left knee. MRI reveals meniscal tear and cyst behind the left knee.

Questioning exam: The patient experiences pain in the back of her left knee. It is difficult for her to walk downstairs. The patient could not walk more than five minutes without pain. She also has knee pain when sitting.

Pulse exam: Chen and xuan mai (deep and wiry)

Tongue exam: tongue is slightly red in color and with a thin layer of white coating. there are several purplish spots on both side of the tongue’s surface.

The patient’s body is fat.

OM Diagnosis: Weight of the patient is over 200lb. Her knees have too much pressure and her left knee has the history of trauma. Muscle and tendinous strain in the left knee causes retardation of qi and blood and further leads to stagnation of qi and blood in the meridians and collaterals. The result is meniscal tear and cyst in the left knee with the fixed severe pain and limited activity.

Treatment Principle: Points are mail selected from foot-Taiyuan meridian, foot- Shaoyuan, the extra points to promote the circulation of qi and blood to relieve pain, to relax the muscles and tendous to activate the blood circulation in the collaterals.

Point Prescription: GB33, GB34, BL39 BL40, BL38, BL37, BL55, Bl56, KI10,

Herbal Formula: Xiao Huo Luo Dan. Swallow 5 tablets with water. Twice each day.

Lifestyle Prescription: Dietary changes included staying free of high fat producing and sweet foods to lose weight. Regular exercise except left knee was prescribed to improve circulation of the patient and also help to lose the weight. The patient should keep her left knee warm.

Results: The patient experienced left knee pain for ten months. She took medication for relieving pain and had two surgeries but both did not help her knee. The patient came to my acupuncture clinic. After ten treatments, She feels much better. She does not experience any pain of her left knee. She can walk long distance without pain.

Synopsis: The patient did not believe acupuncture and herbs before. Since western medicine had given up on her . She had no idea what to do. So she began to try alternative medicine.she was very happy and surprised by the result of acupuncture and herbs treatment.

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