Herbs and Acupuncture for Hip Cramps


Chief Complaint: Right hip/side cramps. Secondary complaints: low immunity, left tooth abscess (upper molar #16).

Medical History: Patient involved in MVA at age 14. She was a pedestrian hit by car. Multiple surgeries to repair fractured left femur and pelvis. Removal of left kidney and spleen. Currently, patient takes Chinese herbal supplements only.

Questioning exam: Patient is friendly and always smiles. Her voice sounds apologetic and she seems not comfortable in her body. When asked to show her tongue, patient always coughs, apologizes and says “ah”. Coping style is focused on removing herself from situation with girlish laugh and voice, and apologies.

Pulse exam: P: Overall: Wiry, Surging, Rapid; empty in LV and Sp positions

Tongue exam: T: Wide, red, dry yellow coat especially in root, deep cracks in middle.

Exam: Tight upper back, rigidity of spine. Body feels warm. Patient appears to be holding old trauma in her upper body and is unable to get things off her chest well.

OM Diagnosis: Qi and Xue stagnation, Spleen and Kidney deficiency. Weakness in the Du channel (weakness in spine)

Treatment Principle: Reg. Qi and Xue, Tonify Sp and Kd, strengthen Du Mai.

Point Prescription: UB 17 and 18, UB 62 , SI 3 (L), SI 17 (L), Du 14 & 4, SI 11

Herbal Formula: Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang (low dose), Gui Pi Tang (higher dose)

Lifestyle Prescription: 8/30/04:

– Local Qi and Xue Stag, SI Fire (family confrontations), Damp/Heat accumulation

– GB 20 & 21, SI 13 & 11, UB 17 & 18, GB 29/30/31

– Tao Hong Si Wu Tang


– Wind, Xue Stag (hip moving pain)

– UB 36 & 40, GB 31 & 34, UB 11, Kd 3

– Tao Hong Si Wu Tang


– St Toxic Heat (tooth abscess), Wei Qi and Sp Qi Xu, Damp Accumulation

– Du 20, CV 17, ST 36, Sp 6, LI4 & 11, ST 44, Sp 9

– Qing Wei San

Results: Concluding summary after two months:

Response to treatment:

1. Hip cramps are improving well.

2. Tooth abscess still comes and goes.

3. Boundaries with family are being established.

4. Have not seen remarkable signs/symptoms of compromised immunity (i.e. propensity to catch colds, low energy).

5. Just began treatments for building of the Du Mai, relaxing upper back muscles, and boosting Heart energetics.

Clinic Name: Brendan Armm, LAc.

Website: http://www.armmacupuncture.com

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