Acupuncture Treatment of Ankle Pain


Chief Complaint: Decreased ROM and pain in ankle

Medical History: Patient had sprained her right ankle 6 months previous to first appointment. She had been to physiotherapy for 5 months without much improvement. ROM was limited to only 20% of normal ROM in both plantar flexion and dorsiflexion. Inversion was limited to about 30% of normal ROM. Pain was rated with testing movements at a grading of 4-5 out of 10. Pain increased with movement and this was particularly difficult as she is a swimming coach and a soccer player. Some swelling was also obvious around the external malleolus.

Pulse exam: Wiry

Tongue exam: Slightly purplish, teethmarks

OM Diagnosis: Qi stagnation in GB and ST channels.

Treatment Principle: Remove Qi stagnation in affected meridians

Point Prescription: Balance Method acupuncture: SI4,5,6, and ashi along SI channel around wrist; SJ4,5,6, and ashi along SJ channel; channels needled on left side.

Herbal Formula: none

Lifestyle Prescription: Continue with exercises recommended by physiotherapist.

Results: Great! Immediately following insertion of needles, ROM was retested for ankle and improvement was noticed to be 70-80% with first treatment. Pain was decreased to 0 out of 10. Treatments continued once a week for 4 weeks until patient left city for university. Swelling was no longer present. Pain occurred only mildly and occasionally with overuse or wearing of high heels for extended period of time. ROM returned to normal.

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