Weight Loss with Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: obesity

Medical History: Patient “dieted” and exercised, but still could not lose weight.

Questioning exam: Fatigue after eating, gas and bloating, loose stools, feelings of heaviness (dampness)

Pulse exam: T: Pale, flabby, scalloped

P: slippery on right

OM Diagnosis: Spleen Qi Xu with Dampness

Treatment Principle: Tonify SP Qi, resolve damp

Point Prescription: SP3, ST36, SP9, SP6, BL20

Moxa used for additional tonification

Herbal Formula: Bonjemni Tea

Modified Liu Jun Zi Tang

Lifestyle Prescription: We worked on food combining and eating warm foods for breakfast, as well as eating more Spleen tonifying foods.

Results: Results: patient has lost 12 pounds so far.

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