Acupuncture and Herbs for Hypothyroidism


Chief Complaint: Fatigue

Western Diagnosis: Hypothyroidism

History: none

Symptoms: No energy, wants to sleep all the time, inability to lose weight, feel cold, low back pain, hair loss.

Palpation: Very deep in the kidney positions, slippery in the spleen position, weak.

Observation: Pale tongue with teeth marks

OM Diagnosis: Kidney Yang Xu, Spleen qi xu

Treatment Principle: Tonify the Kidney yang and Qi

Point Prescription: CV 6, ST 25, 36, SP 6, DU 20, Kid 3, 7, SI 3, UB 62

moxa at CV 8

Herb Prescription: Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan with an additional large dose of Huang Qi and an addition of Ren Shen

Lifestyle Prescription: Recommend eating foods that are low on the glycemic index chart, and increasing exercise.

Results: After 6 weeks of herbs and weekly acupuncture sessions, patients thyroid had stabilized and her energy was completely back to normal. Once she re-gained her exercise, she began to lose weight as well.

Name: Katie Desmond
Credentials: L.Ac, MTCM, CMT
Clinic Name: Tre Balm
Street address: 3255 Sacramento St
City: San Francisco
State: CA.
Zip: 94115
Phone 1: 415-292-5129
Specialties: emotional issues, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, womens health, infertility, hepatitis c, cancer treatment side effects

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