Herbs and Acupuncture for Drowsiness


Chief Complaint: overmedicated, drowsy

Western Diagnosis: Psychosis NOS

History: Client is 38 y old female in a “sober living” facility. Has used drugs and alcohol. Two children in foster care. Mother is supportive and wants her to get some help and reduce medication. Accompanied by mother, sometimes with one daughter.

Symptoms: Pt is very bloated, with two negative pregnancy tests. Has loose stools, and stress urinary incontinence. Imagines people looking at her and herself attacking their eyes and feels depressed about this recurrent idea.

Palpation: Pulses are weak, bu no “block” in Five Element sense. Very distended abdomen

Observation: Tongue is swollen, with teeth marks indicating spleen deficiency. There is also a suggestion of purple indicating blood stagnation. White coat. Pt makes good eye contact. Voice is singing. yellow tint, fragrant odor, emotion of sympathy

OM Diagnosis: Earth CF, spleen damp, phlegm misting the mind.

Treatment Principle: Tonify spleen, reduce damp

Point Prescription: Check for “Agressive energy.” Consider possession, although good eye contact. Begin with source pts for earth, stomach and spleen source pts.

Herb Prescription: Cang Zhu 9, Chen Pi 6, Hou Po 6 (damp in spleen)
Dang Gui 9, Chuan http://nosubhealth.com Xiong 9 (activate blood)
Mu Xiang 6, Xiang Fu 6, Sha Ren 3 В (abd. disten.)
Yi Yi Ren 9, Shan Yao 9 В (reduce loose stools)
Yuan Zhi 3, Shi Chang Pu 3 В (depression)
in powder. Crysanthemum and honey crystals added.

Lifestyle Prescription: Client advised to stop all use of Marijuana. В Pt is in the process of finding own apartment. Already drinking a lot of water. Issues of birth control and safety were also discussed.

Results: After two weeks on Chinese formula, medication at facility was reduced by half. Pt continues to have idea of attacking the “eyes.” but is now dealing with it in terms of “being ashamed.” of feelings of her own.

Synopsis: A combination of acupuncture, herbal Chinese medicines, and biofeedback were combined to help this client reduce her medication, and thereby resume her life issues.

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