Acupuncture Treatment of Hepatitis


Chief Complaint: pains in hypochondrium , poor appetiteВ  & bad erection

Western Diagnosis: viral hepatitis

Medical History: patient is Male ,47 years old , with HCAg +ve , hight SGOT SGPT ,

Abd. distention

Questioning exam: question & answers about the case is for how long (3 years) what is the dietary habits

what is the medication (DDP,levanox,betolvex&Adamine)

Pulse exam: weak rapid pulse

Tongue exam: thin white coating tongue

OM Diagnosis: failure of liver to free flow of qi leading to stagnation

Treatment Principle: remove the stagnation of Qi

Point Prescription: Liv14 , SJ6 , G34 , G40 , Liv 3 , B17 , B18

Herbal Formula: HONEY BIG SPOON 3 times , multivitamin cap once daily

Lifestyle Prescription: diet advised to be fat free and high protein and a lot of vegetables

Results: 3month treatment tow Acupuncture settings/week the enzymes goes down and the appetite regains

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