Acupuncture and Herbs for Uterine Fibroids


Chief Complaint: Uterine pain

Western Diagnosis: Fibroids

Medical History: Asian female,age 40 presents with uterine fibroids for 14 years. Asthma since age 6, medicated with steroids for many years; during acute attacks her brother (physician) would intravenously inject her with a steroid cocktail; at age 25 she began daily use of ventolin spray; allergies to pollen, cats and coconut; whole family history of skin or lung problems (eczema, vitiligo, lung infections)

Questioning exam: Patient reports her initial symptoms were deep, cramping pains about two weeks prior to menses. Other symptoms include fatigue and lumbar tenderness correlating to uterine pain. She is prone to hayfever, congested sinuses and slight wheexing. Slow digestion with bloating,gas and constipation. She reports blurry vision and floaters, cold extremities and dry,itchy skin. The patient is exhausted by her illness,generally difficult to fall asleep and poor sleep the week before her menses. Her husband does not acknowledge her fibroids.

Pulse exam: Pulse: deep,slippery,slightly thin, also slightly wiry on right side

Abdomen: soft,deep palpation reveals small mass on right side, cold to touch

Tongue exam: Tongue: pale,dusky,swollen,teethmarks, slight yellow coat
Dark,puffy circles under eyes

OM Diagnosis: Blood & Phlegm Stagnation in Uterus
SP & KID Yang Deficiency
LIV Blood Deficiency
Long term steroid use damages KID-disrupt water-unable to move blood and fluids-creates stagnation in lower jiao

Treatment Principle: Move Blood, Transform Phlegm in Uterus
Tonify Kidney and Spleen
Nourish Blood

Point Prescription: GB 41 & SJ 5, KID 3, LIV 3, ST 36 & 37, REN 4, moxa lower abdomen, ST 36, ginger moxa REN 8

Herbal Formula: Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan

Lifestyle Prescription: Continue acupx 2x/wk
Eliminate dairy products for 3 mos-to eliminate phlegm
Massage, Tai Qi, Moxa-all to increase energy flow to uterus
Journal-write down everything you would like to create in your life

Results: She has been receiving acupuncture for several years. She believes the TCM is helping shorten the duration and lessen the intensity of her pain

Synopsis: Fibroid tumors are #1 reason for hysterectomy in US
according to Caroline Myss, fibroids represent our creativity that was never birthed; including fantasies of ourselves; fibroids can result when we are flowing energy into dead-end jobs and relationships that we have outgrown.

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