Acupuncture Treatment of Excessive Menstrual Flow


Chief Complaint: extended menstrual cycle

Western Diagnosis: hypermennorhea

Medical History: Patient is a 42 year old female that outside of the diagnosis appears to be in good health. She is otherwise in good health, with no other chief complaints or diagnoses. Blood panels reveal occasional anemia.

Questioning exam: Menstrual cycle lasts 7 days, on average, although cycle occurs at regular intervals, otherwise. Menstrual coloration is dark red, flow is heavy for the first four days, and is accompanied by some cramping and clotting. Patient expressed a feeling of exhaustion, immediately following her cycle, and lasting up to one week.

Pulse exam: Overall pulse is rapid, and slightly choppy, muffled, with a tremendous amount of changing amplitude and qualities in both middle positions.

Tongue exam: Pale tongue body, non-geographic, deep sub-lingual veins, slightly swollen, slightly dry, red dots in upper jiao

OM Diagnosis: Liver blood stagnation, heat in blood , heart blood deficiency due to Liver blood stagnation and loss of blood

Treatment Principle: Move liver blood, remove heat, reassess for Heart blood deficiency

Point Prescription: Shu-mu Bl17, Lv13

CV 2 for regulating the Blood and menses

GB24 for moving liver qi and blood

Lv2 to clear heat and stop bleeding

Sp6 to tonify yin and blood

PC 4 to clear heat, cool the blood

Herbal Formula: Acupuncture clinic does not use herbal formulas as part of treatment.

Lifestyle Prescription: Recommended record keeping of cycle, including coloration, duration, and subjective findings by patient.

Further suggested sleep-log, outlining onset and quality of sleep, duration, number of times patient woke before rising, and dream frequency, lucidity and quality.

Results: Within 5 treatments (beginning 2 weeks before cycle), client reported her next cycle had shortened to 4 days, with markedly lighter coloration, no cramping or clotting, and no feeling of exhaustion following her cycle.

Synopsis: Client reported surprise and pleasure with results (within 1 cycle). Client further reports better sleep quality, especially near negation of disturbing, violent and lucid dreams. Pulse and tongue no longer indicate heart qi deficiency. Client is now seeking further treatments for other lesser complaints.

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