Chinese Medicine for Delayed Menstruation


Chief Complaint: Delayed Menstruation

History: 25 year old female. Menarche at 14 years old. No history of significant illnesses or trauma.

Symptoms: Delayed menstruation since menarch. Menstrual cycle between 40-60 days. Day 34 of cycle. Scanty, pale menstrual blood. Cramps, occasional clots, low back pain with onset of menses. Headaches and fatigue after menses.

Also tendency to low energy, poor appetite. BM daily, formed.

Sleep good: 7-9 hours. Occasional dreams.

Occasional shortness of breath, palpitations.

Palpation: Thin.

Observation: Pale red, thin white coat.

OM Diagnosis: Qi & Blood Deficiency, KD deficiency.

Treatment Principle: Tonify Qi, Blood, Kidney. Invigorate blood, regulate menstruation.

Point Prescription: ST36, SP6, KD3, PC6, Ren4, Zi gong

Herb Prescription: Dang gui 15 g.

Bai shao 12 g.

Chi shao 12 g.

Dang shen 15 g.

Huai niu xi 10 g.

Du zhong 12 g.

Xu duan 6 g.

Tao ren 9 g.

Ji xue teng 12 g.

Xiang fu 10 g.

Chuan xiong 3 g.

Lifestyle Prescription: Increase consumption of meat.

Results: Menses began 5 days after treatment. Less clots and cramps, less scanty bleeding. Next cycle was 34 days. Energy level improved, appetite improved, shortness of breath less frequently, fewer palpitations.

Synopsis: Patient showed signs of qi & blood deficiency: pale scanty delayed menses, low energy, low appetite, shortness of breath, palpitations, and low appetite. Tonifying qi & blood with herbs like Dang gui, Shao yao, Dang shen helped to increase qi and blood. Kidney deficiency was evident in the low back pain at onset of menses and chronic nature of the problem. This was treated with herbs moving kidney tonic herbs like niu xi, du zhong, xu duan. Also, the patient experienced cramps and occasional clots in menstrual blood, so I also added some blood movers to promote menstruation to her formula like: niu xi, chuan xiong, tao ren. This helped bring on her period in a more timely fashion. Acupuncture treatment aimed at gently tonifying with points like ST36, Ren4, KD3, PC6 and promoting menstruation with points like SP6, zi gong.

Name: Susan Monaco, C.A.

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