fever, swollen tonsils, headache, hard to swallow, malaise of extremities, Acute Tonsillitis


Chief Complaint: fever, swollen tonsils, headache, hard to swallow, malaise of extremities

Western Diagnosis: Acute Tonsillitis

Medical History: Female age 13 years old. No prior history of tonsillitis. Normal diet. Regular exercise. Non-smoker, non-drinker. Note: Was given a routine TB test 1 month before at school.

Questioning exam: When did the pain begin? How long have you had it? How severe is the pain? Describe how it feels; burning, itching, throbbing? Does it hurt anywhere else?

Pulse exam: Patient had a rapid pulse. Palpation of the tonsils showed swelling and white purulent spots present on both tonsils. The patient also had a temperature of 39*C. Acute purulent tonsillitis was diagnosed.

Tongue exam: Patient had a white tounge. Increase of saliva. Difficulty in opening mouth. Patient had seen medical doctor and Penicillin Streptomycin was given, with no releif.

OM Diagnosis: Acute tonsillitis is in category of wind and heat in Chinese Medicine. it is usually caused by exogenous pathogenic factors which may steam the lungs. the other cause is stagnated heat in the lungs and stomach runs up to the throat.

Treatment Principle: Clearing the lungs and the stomach, expelling the wind-heat.

Point Prescription: UB 10 is the point of the UB channel of foot-Taiyang. puncturing UB 10 will clear away wind-heat.

LI 4 clears heat and toxins.

LU 11 is a primary point for the throat. Acupuncture on this point will clear the heat within the channels.

ST 36 is a point on the stomach channel of foot-Yangming. This will lift the clear refine substance and lower the turbid substance. Thus, the heat within the channels is dredged and the swelling and painful sensation of tonsillitis is diminished.

Herbal Formula: Echinacea agustifolia: 2 oz, 5 x daily – infusion, or 1x500mg capsules, twice daily

Myrica cerifia: 3 oz x3 daily – infusion, & gargle with tincture

Zingiber offinale: 1 oz (as needed) – infusion

Lifestyle Prescription: Homeopathy: Ferrum phosphoricum 3x every hour until fever subsides.

Results: Patient acupunctured UB 10 @ 1 cun deep and lift, thrust and twirl the needle

Puncture ST 36, 1.5 cun deep with twirling and retain the needle for 30-60 min. Manipulate the needle once every 20 minutes. this treatment was given twice daily.

the patient began to improve on the third day and the treatment was reduced to once daily for the next 5 days.

Synopsis: acupuncture treatment described above was given. on the next day, the body temperature decreased to 38*C, other symptoms also became reduced. about 2 months later, the patient had another attack and responded quickly to the treatment. the patient has had only a mild occurance since.

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