Acupuncture and Herbs for Eye Pain


Chief Complaint: Right eye pain/pressure

Western Diagnosis: Secondary Hypertension

Medical History: Leukemia 10 years ago, remission. Truck driver with occasional sciatica. Secondary hypertension, stress from truck driving. Eats well, exercises regularly. Drinks excessive coffee on the road.

Questioning exam: Right eye pressure and pain for one week. Pressure behind the eye. Stress and worry about money and health issues. Bp was normal on examination. Difficulty falling asleep, prone to anger and feeling overwhelmed.

Pulse exam: Overall flooding and rapid.

Liver position-slippery and forceful

Large vessel pulse present

Tongue exam: face overall light red

tongue pale slight purple

red tip

prickles on both sides

OM Diagnosis: Liver qi stagnation leading to blood heat.

Liver fire rising

Treatment Principle: Clear blood heat, clear wind, calm liver.

Point Prescription: Right UB 2 thru to UB1-local pt to clear wind heat out of the eye. Even technique

Bled Er jian on Right side to clear blood heat.

Ling gu on the left side to clear the eye and regulate qi.

LI 11-clear heat, lower blood pressure, nourish kidney water through water he sea pt. 3 levels sky cooling, then tonify at the end before removal.

Shen guan-nourish kidney yin, tonify

Herbal Formula: Jiao gu lan tea-clear the liver, regulate blood pressure, benefit the eyes, anti-cancer and immune system function.

Lifestyle Prescription: stop drinking coffee

Results: Eye pressure resolved immediately after the insertion of UB 2. Patient was calm and relaxed after treatment.

Synopsis: Pressure had built up and congestion in the eye. Once the congestion was released, the pain was resolved. It is still important to nourish the kidney and regulate the liver qi.

Clinic Name: Monte Gores MS LAc Dipl.OM

clinic address: Village Healing Center

2708 N 4th Street

Suite E4

Flagstaff, AZ 86004

clinic phone number: (928)225-2423 / (928)522-9099

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