Dizziness and Vertigo Treated with Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: Dizziness

Western Diagnosis: Vertigo

Medical History: Weight training 2x a week

Eats lots of fatty foods, sweet cravings

Drinks a lot of coffee

Questioning exam: Migraine headaches for 6 months

Painful periods, clotting, heavy flow

ringing in ears

dry mouth, thirst for cold drinks

Pulse exam: Primary Liver deficient pulse, Wiry

Cross pattern abdominal exam

OM Diagnosis: Liver yang rising with an underlying Liver blood stagnation

Treatment Principle: Subdue Liver Yang

Move Liver Blood

Point Prescription: Manaka ion cord treatment –

TW5 to GB41

PC6 to SP4

added: LV3, SP6, GV20, GB20,CV4,KID3,Taiyang,BL18,BL20,BL23

Lifestyle Prescription: Suggested quit coffee

Patient started yoga

Changed diet to more warm foods, less iced drinks and sweets

Results: Dizziness cleared in three treatments

Migraines subsided

Periods less painful, no clotting

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