Acupuncture for Stomachache


Chief Complaint: Stomach Pain, irregular stool

Western Diagnosis: Ulcerative Colitis

History: As a young child, parents divorced and patient began having “stomach and digestive issues”. 9 years ago began experiencing bloody stool and severe abdominal pain after mother died of cancer. Several doctors and testing are really not definitive, but they diagnosis her with ulcerative colitis.

Symptoms: Alternating stool quality and frequency.

Blood, mucus, sometimes nausea, vomiting, severe stomach pain, bloating and gas.

Sleep, app. is good. Healthy heart, not much stress in life, happily engaged, good energy, no SOB etc.

Palpation: Weak weak pulse in all positions

Observation: red tongue, no coat.

OM Diagnosis: unresolved Metal disharmony, Lu xu with Lg heat, Spleen qi xu with perhaps some underlying Lv qi stasis

Treatment Principle: boost lung, spleen, clear phlegm and heat in Intestines,

Point Prescription: Not all in one visit, but revolving these:

Lung 9, 7

Ren 4 with needle top moxa

St 36 with needle top moxa

St 25 and Sp 15 with needle top moxa (px reported online antibiotics feeling good with this, and a large mass completely disappeared!)

Ki 3 needle top moxa

Sp 3

Herb Prescription: Haven’t started yet.

Lifestyle Prescription: Much probiotics! Px began this and noticed a big difference. She also stopped drinking lot’s of milk

Results: Thus far the pain has almost gone away, px describes “not being able to feel her stomach” which is very unusual for her as there is something everyday for at least several hours if not all day.

We are also discussing how to re-calibrate the mind to disassociate the identity of having an issue for so long and how to not live as if you have it, or will have it. She speaks of having a hard time making plans for example for fear she will have a flare up.

Name: sheila liewald
Credentials: L.A.c, Dipl.O.M.
Clinic Name: Red Aspen Herbs & Acupuncture
Street address: 1909 Broadway suite 300
City: Boulder
State: CO
Zip: 80302
Country: usa
Phone 1: 303-819-1518
Specialties: pain, digestive disorders, womens disorders

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