Acupuncture and Herbs for Constipation and IBS


Chief Complaint: constipation, cramps

Western Diagnosis: irritable bowel syndrome

Medical History: 21 y.o. woman in apparently good health except for IBS symptoms, acne, insomnia, terrifying nightmares, depression, anxiety and fear, history of post traumatic stress due to near lethal assault 5 years before. Unhappy family and relationship History:history of abandonment and neglect. Stuck in dead end job, strong creativity frustrated.

Questioning exam: See #3 above, History.

Pulse exam: Abdominal examination: tender at large intestine alarm points. Pulse wirey at liver and large intestine positions. Ryodoraku testing (using Dr. Nakatani’s electronic tormeter, clearly indicates numerous imbalances including confirmation of large intestine excess, spleen deficiency, liver excess.

Tongue exam: Patient’s tongue showed longitudinal cracking in center, expressing extended and traumatic stresses on earth element (confirmed by Ryodoraku tests which showed spleen deficient and stomach in stagnation excess).

OM Diagnosis: Using Japanese and Korean style five element (phase) criteria, diagnosed a complex of large intestine stagnation type excess, deficiency in yin earth (and hence dryness), with a wood imbalance expressing as frustration, sleep disorders (insomnia, nightmares recapitulating unresolvable past trauma).

Treatment Principle: Acupuncture treatment including sedation of excess and tonification of deficient source and element points and herbal, and dietary supplemental treatments based on restoration of balance to both the physical colon and digestion of nourishment and the breaking of the holdsd of psychological stagnations of holding on to attachments and habits of recycling toxic waste (versus “separation of the waste from the pure”.

Point Prescription: Large intestine stagnation-excess treated with sedation needling of Large Intestine 4 and with Liver 3 sedate excesses in both orbs and liberate stagnated qi. Spleen 6 and Stomach 36 needled to support earth phase.

Herbal Formula: Diet supplemented with high potency live probiotic cultures , two capsules of 50 billion strength probiotics taken in capsules with meals. Soluble fibre added to meals in form of “Fibresmart”, a propriety blend of flax seed, borage, FOS, probiotics, &c. in form of four capsules, t.i.d. Enteric peppermint oil plus carraway and oregano and thyme oils) taken after meals to soothe colon walls. Antiinflammatories recommended (in the form of proprietary blend, Zyflamend, including ginger, turmeric, green tea extract, Chinese skullcap, goldenthread, holy basil).

Lifestyle Prescription: Lifestyle changes urged and followed: quitting boring, uncreative and stressful job as a book-keeper and becoming assistant to an art professor who could give her the arts education she had passed up to pursue the “practical” (and mind-numbing and spirit draining) career as book-keeper. Suggested study of a nonmaterialist paradigm of reality, e.g., Buddhism, and taking up of meditation and yogas. Gave practically oriented psychoemotional counseling, which resulted in the termination of all contact with her dysfunctional and destructive family and friends, incompatible and unfulfilling relationships which were ultimately replaced with fresh, wholesome relationships which met her needs.

Results: Complete cure of “IBS” within 3 months. All symptoms disappeared and have not returned after nearly four years of follow up. Monthly or semimonthly reinforcing treatments of Liv 2, LI 4, Sp 6, St 36 and continued adherance to the herbal, dietary and supplements maintain a state of near perfect health for this now flourishing young woman.

Synopsis: The combination of life style changes by an unusually receptive and compliant patient, assisted by acupuncture, herbs and dietary supplements not only resulted in a complete cure of debilitating irritable bowel syndrome symptoms but will also have quite probably prevented or preempted a grim future scenario of deterioration into even more severe physical (e.g., inflammatory bowl, perhaps even eventual cancer) and psychoemotional (even more severe depression and self-destructive perpetuation of dysfunctional life style and habits).

Clinic Name: Prof. Dr. Neal White

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