Chinese Herbal Medicine to Treat Sjorgren’s Syndrome


Chief Complaint: The patient suffered from dry and sore eye for seven years.

Western Diagnosis: Sjogren Syndrome

Medical History: 50+y, female. The patient suffered from dry and sore eye for seven years. She is unable to cry properly since 1999. Also, her mouth is dry and gum is sore. Accompanied Symptoms: dizziness, slight hair loss, arthralgia.

Questioning exam: Her skin is dark and rough with some pigmentation.

Pulse exam: Pulse is tiny and uneven.

Tongue exam: Tongue body is dark with ecchymosis, tongue coating is scanty.

OM Diagnosis: Qi stagnation and blood stasis

Herbal Formula: replenish qi, promote the circulation of qi and blood.
Dang Gui, Sheng Di, Ji Xue Teng, Lu Lu Tong, Hong Hua, Lu Han Cao, Xing Ren, Zi Yuan, Jin Yin Hua, Gan Cao

Lifestyle Prescription: Be relax and happy. Intake plenty water. Keep bowel movement smooth.

Results: After one and half month, she cried at a sad book, which is the first time in seven years. In the meantime, her mouth felt more comfortable and was not sore after eating toast or biscuits.

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